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When "Touchy-Feely" In Finance Is A Good Thing
1/26/2015 11:47 AM
Ever hear the words “touchy feely” to describe a financial planner...Read More
What Is Balance Billing?
1/26/2015 11:12 AM
When you go out-of-network for medical care, you can end up paying. Not only are you likely to have more out-of-pocket costs at the time of your visit, but you could be "balance billed" by the provider for what your insurance doesn't pay...Read More
Big News From AQR: Size Matters, If You Control Your Junk
1/26/2015 10:16 AM
A whiz-bang paper has just been released that basically solves one of the longstanding mysteries in financial economics: the outperformance (or not) of small company stocks. It’s called, “Size Matters, If You Control Your Junk.” The authors are all lettermen from the varsity squad at AQR Capital: Cliff Asness, Andrea Frazzini, Ron...Read More
How A Routine Checkup Saved My Life -- And My Finances
1/26/2015 9:32 AM
Thanks to a savvy approach to her health coverage, Sydney weathered a cancer scare—and paid just $100 for her entire treatment...Read More
Social Security Q&A: Will I Receive Both a Retirement and a Survivor's Benefit?
1/26/2015 9:27 AM
Today’s question asks if, after collecting a survivor's benefit before 70, it will be possible to receive both the survivor's benefit and a retirement benefit at 70. The answer reviews how benefits are determined in this situation and notes the potential effect this determination might have on the total benefit amount...Read More
20 Inspirational Quotes ... About Taxes
1/26/2015 8:46 AM
Reading famous quips about taxes won’t help you pay less, but at least you’ll get a good chuckle on the way to the poor house...Read More
What The Heck Is A W-2? A Beginners' Guide To Filing Taxes In 2015
1/26/2015 8:46 AM
The Internal Revenue Service has already said 2015 is going to be a crummy year for them – but that does not mean it has to be for you...Read More
Retirement Planning For Late-Starters
1/26/2015 8:24 AM
You're in your 50s and haven't saved for retirement. Don't panic, but do get going and take these steps now...Read More
How To Boost Your Retirement Kitty -- Without Contributing To Your 401(k)
1/26/2015 8:24 AM
Sometimes there are ways to boost your retirement saving without investing in your 401(k)...Read More
Obama: Abolish Workplace Child Care FSAs
1/26/2015 8:18 AM
The DOL says dependent care FSAs are valuable employee benefits but Obama is calling to eliminate them...Read More

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