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Here's How To Stay Ahead Of Machines And AI
2/22/2017 6:00 PM
The Great American Jobs Apocalypse continues to tear our social fabric, and no one really knows what to do about it. If you’re not unemployed or underemployed now, then you know someone who is… and you could always be next...Read More
Goldman Sachs' Recent Move Marks The End Of Traditional Banking
2/22/2017 6:00 PM
At the end of 2016, Goldman Sachs launched a new online lending platform called Marcus. The move into online lending by one of the most successful investment banks in the world is a telling move for two reasons...Read More
When Negotiating To Buy A Business - Attitude Is Everything
2/22/2017 2:06 PM
A buyer should demonstrate the highest level of respect to the seller, because it is the seller who has to be convinced that they should sell their company to a specific buyer. Obviously, deal terms play an enormous role, but the human aspect and accompanying emotions, will have a major influence...Read More
Medicare's Cruel Paradox: It Is A Costly Subsidy For Seniors, But They Can't Live Without It
2/22/2017 1:37 PM
Medicare is a costly burden on taxpayers. It is also essential to the well-being of seniors...Read More
Purported Repeal Of Death Tax Just Made Planning Tougher
2/22/2017 12:40 PM
Three bills in Congress purport to repeal the estate tax. They are illusory. It is not a repeal of all inter-generational wealth transfer taxes. To planners, it's clear that our elected leaders have intentionally put in major road blocks to effective implementation -- other than one simply dying...Read More
Beyond Buffett: How To Build Wealth Copying 9 Other Value Stock Pickers
2/22/2017 12:19 PM
The "Shamelessly Cloned" portfolio's picks for 2017: Oracle, Berkshire Hathaway, Apple, Microsoft, and Charter Communication...Read More
European Tourism Interest In America Plummets 12% Following Travel Ban
2/22/2017 11:36 AM
The American tourism industry is in a holding pattern as uncertainty looms around US immigration policy, following the travel ban...Read More
Are Cash Back Credit Cards Becoming Irrelevant?
2/22/2017 11:23 AM
We explore whether cash back credit cards are becoming a worse deal for consumers in light of the increasing airline and hotel rewards...Read More
Valuable Baseball Ad From Ty Cobb Era Found In The Walls Of Demolished Cigar Store
2/22/2017 10:43 AM
During a Michigan cigar store’s recent demolition, workers discovered that part of the insulation stuffed in the walls constitutes some of the world’s most valuable baseball memorabilia: an extremely rare, circa 1910 Piedmont cigarette advertising sign worth an estimated $50,000...Read More
Ask Larry: ​​​​Can I Claim A Divorced Widower's Benefit?
2/22/2017 10:39 AM
Today’s column explores various questions about divorced and non-divorced widow(er)'s benefits and spousal benefits...Read More

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